Workshop: The Unhappy Marriage: An Emotional, Financial and Legal Quandary

You are not happy, you feel disrespected, disenchanted and so lonely. But you do not want to leave and break up the family, be destroyed financially, and lose your friends and lifestyle. So rather than face the heartache and guilt that will follow you decided to tough it out, lay low and stay. But then the loneliness hits you again like a thick, sad wall. The debate starts in earnest in your head all over again. Wow, tough choice: 

  1. Leave and rip apart the family and potentially suffer huge financial losses with no guarantee that you will actually be happier.
  2. Stay and resign yourself to an unhappy, unfulfilling relationship where your needs will never be met.

Although it may not feel like it right now, there are other options and better, easier outcomes.  Some options have you happily staying while others help you to exit with minimal heartache, confusion and without financial ruin.  We can help you look at your situation in an entirely different light. Let’s break it down and look at it from an emotional, financial and legal perspective.  We can walk you through the various options and considerations and have you comfortable with your decision.

You will leave the session:

  • Feeling energized, clear headed and focused;
  • Free from carrying this burden;
  • Knowing exactly what to do next;
  • Happy, knowing that you will make the best decision for the entire family;
  • Excited to get on with the next phase of your life (whatever that may be).

In this 1.5 Hour Interactive Workshop You Will:

  • Explore your emotional options and how they affect your family;
  • Address your fears and concerns about possibly ending your relationship – fear of conflict; fear of being alone and unloved; fear of financial ruin.  Determine if they are real or imagined.
  • Know your legal rights and obligations.
  •  Understand the financial ramifications of divorce and how to mitigate the impact; Explore the differences between separation and divorce;
  •  Understand the different between litigation and mediation; determine which is right for you.
  •  Create a strategy or blueprint to implement your decision (stay or leave); protect yourself, your children and your finances.

Your Moderators:

Dating and Relating Smarts

Wanda Murch, B.Comm, CGA, Life Coach After almost 20 years as an accountant and business consultant working with successful, driven businessmen, Wanda made the switch to Life Coaching. Now she focuses on the person rather than the business.   Wanda was curious how these “take no prisoners” type successful men were often miserable in their personal lives. She set out to do research; she I talked to these men about their lives. What became clear is that if they struggled in business they sought help from experts – accountants, lawyers, consultants, books and CDs – they learned to make rapid decisions resulting in dramatic positive changes. But healthy relationships do not come with manuals, courses or books and they didn’t know where to find the answers to questions that they could not formulate or articulate. Wanda takes her years of business consulting and uses the same strategies, tactics and processes and helps entrepreneurs and executives create blueprints for finding, creating and maintaining healthy, happy, fulfilling relationships.

Charles Fair Mediation Services

Charles Fair, LLB Charles Fair is a lawyer with over 22 years of experience representing clients in family, estate and business disputes.  In addition to his years of experience in resolving conflicts both in and out of court, he has specialized training in the mediation of divorce and family conflicts                  

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Choose from one of two dates:

  1. Evening: Wednesday May 7th5:00 – 6:30pm   2.  Lunch: Thursday  May 8th  11:30 – 1:00 pm

Location:  South Centre Mall Community Room  – 100 Anderson Road SE

Cost:          $25 includes light meal and refreshments Sign up online at Eventbrite