The # 1 Reason You Are Still Single.

Ouch, this is going to hurt:  You are the number 1 reason you are still single. You are getting in your own way.
I constantly hear the same things:
– “I’m too (fill in the blank – short, tall, fat, skinny, old, poor, busy, bald).”

– “The only singles I meet are (fill in the blank – short, fat, boring, gold–digging, needy, old, carrying too much baggage, broke, no class).”
Are these limiting beliefs holding you back? Take a minute and exam your beliefs around why you are still single. Are you focusing on the negative? Do you truly think it’s because something is wrong with you? Do you have a negative view of other people? What if I told you that you are wrong – whatever you are telling yourself is totally wrong? Think about that for a moment. What would your dating life be like if you were completely wrong on all accounts?
A great example I hear often from my female clients is “No one wants to date me, I’m fat”. Wrong, no one wants to date you because you don’t think you are worthy and that is the message you are putting out there. Men acknowledge your message and move on. You are so certain that no one finds you attractive that you walk around not noticing the ones who are attracted to you. You are walking around with a little dark cloud over your head or your shield up; that is not attractive to anyone. There is someone out there who will love you just the way you are but you have to get out of your own way first and let them see you.

You might think you are OK but have a tainted view of the dating pool. Do you believe all the good ones are taken? That men are only looking for cooks and caregivers? Do you believe all women are gold diggers?
Again, not true. But people react to your negative attitude and stay clear. And once again, you are wrong. There are a lot of great singles out there looking to give as much as they get in a loving, committed relationship.
Try giving people you meet the benefit of the doubt; try to see the world from their perspective.  If you are still having trouble changing your limiting beliefs give me a call. We can work through them and wipe them out once and for all.

Fun Fact: Where Are All The Singles?

These are great odds. Now get out and find your one.
The number of lone-parent households in Calgary

The number of one-person households in Calgary


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