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 From Accountant to Relationship & Social Coach?

 I have spent the last 20 years consulting to business owners. The day-to-day accounting tasks were more of a “must do” than a passion. But I did love interacting with business owners, brainstorming about strategies and big picture plans. I helped them to implement systems that allowed them to achieve their goals.

 But business aside, I was much more interested and excited by the people that I met along my way. Who were they? What made them tick? What motivated them/drove them? And I was always infinitely interested in who their spouse or significant other was – you can tell a lot about a person by getting to know who they are attracted to.

 At the same time as I was growing my business practice I was also working on my own personal journey in the dating and romance arena. As a single mother I wanted to provide my daughter with a strong role model; I wanted to ensure that her life was stable and filled with wonderful people and not full of drama. After ending a 15 year relationship what did I know about dating? I spent hours reading and researching dating, relationships, communication styles, and I chatted endlessly with singles and married people.

 Eventually, the passion for relationships out stripped the passion for accounting. The shift was made.

 I use my analytical skills and 20 years experience as a business consultant to create a program designed to systematically move singles from being frustrated, confused and alone to being fulfilled and happy!  If the strategies and tactics are implemented in your social life, I guarantee success.

 “Life may have not been the party we hoped for; but while we are here we might as well dance.”  Unknown

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