Letter of Reference

10 August 2010

 Wanda Murch


 Dear Wanda,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your coaching sessions and tips on how to better understand myself, women and how we perceive and affect each other in relationships.

Although it has taken me a bit of time to adjust to the new mindset, I have found that your insights have noticeably enhanced the perspective I had of myself and women.

Previously I felt I was a confident person. One would think that at 53, a guy should have most of the relationship nuances worked out. I had my own consulting company and could easily communicate with people, but due to my collapsed marriage, the resulting emotional upheaval over time left me jaded and angry towards all women and my confidence waning. It is said that “time heals all things”, but what is not mentioned in that phrase is that without the right influences in one’s life, a person can heal with dysfunctional views; ultimately making the matters worse. Wanda, I found your approach fresh, clear, insightful, optimistic, and inviting.

Your patient and caring approach encouraged me more to step out and again believe in myself and other women as it pertained to relationships.

 I have been dating a lady for the past 4 months and although it has not been perfect or easy sometimes, overall it has been a very positive and wholesome relationship. Throughout this time it has also been useful to gain your insights and wise perspectives. I would highly recommend anyone traversing the unknowns of relationships to seek your coaching services.

 Thank you for your perspectives, insights and encouragement.


Alan I. Kurtz

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