The Odyssey Continues – Choose Life!

I am an Ironman, a two time Ironman and I have the tattoo to prove it! For me doing an Ironman is a year long training process with between 12 – 20 hours devoted to exercise per week. In addition to that, extra time is required to ensure that I’m eating properly and sleeping lots. I was very proud of my Ironman achievement and completed the grueling Ironman course in 2008 and 2009. But after 2009, I was done, I needed to focus on other aspects of my life and set about building a business that incorporated the lessons I had learned from Ironman.

I had many friends competing in Ironman in Penticton last week and was very excited for them to feel the rush of crossing that finish line. A part of me envied them but another part of me was happy to have my Friday night happy hour and my Saturday morning snooze fest. You can’t do both!

So on Sunday, I hung by my computer trying to track friends and listen to the Ironman stories. As I watched and listened I felt the tug, I knew in my belly I had been missing something that was extremely important to my mind, body and soul. Ironman was calling my name. I decided that if I could sign up the next day online (which has been historically impossible since on site registration usually sells out) that I would do Ironman Canada 2011. I had butterflies in my belly all morning and couldn’t concentrate. At 1:00 I logged into the site and hit the submit button – as I was doing it a part of me was hoping it was sold out or that something was wrong with my credit card – but then the confirmation came up on the screen and I was elated. Once again I was going to have the chance to taste the sweet elixir of life! I love the feeling of pushing myself beyond what I felt was my breaking point; loved knowing I was the type of person who could feel the fear and do it anyway; loved that blissful state that only true physical exertion can bring. I loved the sense of moving toward a big epic goal. To me the training feels like living and I had no idea how much I missed it. And now I was back into it! I was happy – no regrets.

What, you might ask, has this got to do with being single? Nothing and everything. You may not want to join me in my journey but you absolutely must find your own journey where you choose life. Challenge yourself, constantly grow and you’ll be surprised what and who comes your way. Set yourself up for wins and you will be a winner. Don’t play it safe – jump into the deep end and don’t worry about the outcome. People love winners, they love confidence and they love passion. So if you want to attract confident, passionate people into your life you must be confident and passionate. What do you love? What inspires you? Find that and find the people who share that passion and your life will be filled with possibilities!

Let me know about your passion and how following it changed your life.

 See you out on the paths.

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