Happy New Year!

How is your new year shaping up? I, for one, was happy to see the end of 2010. I don’t like to wish my time away but it was a bit of a rough one for me; especially the last several months. It was certainly a lesson in what is truly important in life – people and relationships. Everything else in life can come and go but connecting with others should truly be held sacred.

Have you got a large circle of friends to share life’s ups and downs? Often in our search to find our significant other, our soul mate we overlook the joys of having friends and of being a friend.

The top 3 new years resolutions are:

–         make more money;

–         get fit/lose weight;

–         find romance.
I would encourage you to add develop deep and meaningful friendships with both men and women. Broaden your circle. The great thing about friendships is that we don’t have to be perfect together. We just have to enjoy each other’s company in the moment. I have my fitness friends, my cocktail friends, my business associates, childhood friends and eclectic, unclassifiable friends. I sometimes mix and match but mostly we fill a niche for each other as and when needed. The one underlying characteristic that straddles all my friends is authenticity. I love deep true connections. I would encourage you to do the same – surround yourself with wonderful, interesting people and see what happens.

Wanda’s Resolution:

As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, I hit a bit of a rough patch in the fall and early winter. Nothing too daunting, but a steady bombardment of stressors. The result is I dropped the ball – I didn’t follow through on commitments, I didn’t promptly return phone calls and I let emails slide. So I apologize if I slighted you or let you down. It is my intention to get back on track and get organized. I have some great ideas for some programs that I think you will enjoy.

As always, I appreciate the feedback and input from you.

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