Women’s Lib – A Failed Movement?

Once again I found myself chatting with friends, drinking red wine and trying to delve into the relationship issues facing singles today. I for one, opinionated as always, made the statement that the women’s movement was a failure and that both men and women lost their way because roles weren’t defined, rules became blurred and in general people are somewhat confused.

In my true fashion, talk first then gather data, I did some research. I’d like to recant my stand – the women’s movement was not a failure. Anytime society ignores the contribution of a group is wrong and does a disservice to everyone. A culture and society rich in diversity is a better society than one that makes us all of us conform to one way of thinking and acting.

I can’t imagine living in a society where I didn’t have options and choices. So many countries still treat women and other minorities poorly and that is repugnant.  So to that end, I cannot minimize the contributions our grandmothers, mothers and sisters did for us in the 60’s, 70’s and beyond. I am so grateful to live in a culture that affords me somewhat equal footing. We aren’t perfect but hopefully as a culture we continue to move forward and evolve.

However, having said that, there are two flaws in the movement that stand out as errors. The ill treatment of men – the condemnation, the disrespect and the insistence that men are flawed and need to change was a mistake. And that women must be career driven and achievement oriented. If men are confused about what is expected of them and women are burned out by trying to do it all how are we ever going to come together and have wonderful, meaningful, mutually satisfying relationships?

What would our society look like if everyone was valued for simply showing up; for being their authentic selves? My goal and passion is to try to help men cut through the confusion and give them back their power. The big shocker to many men is that women want them to show up as themselves. Women love the characteristics that make men unique – power, confidence, with a take charge attitude.

As always, I value your input. I want to create an open dialogue that manifests in change.

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  1. David Grant says:

    I think the women’s movement was a very necessary as needed as the civil rights, anti-war, and other social movements. I think the problem with women’s movement is that it hasn’t gone nearly far enough in terms of relationships and roles in our society. In terms of men and women’s role, it is true that there has have been some double standards. I still wouldn’ want to state that I would trade places with those of the other gender. There are still too many problems that women have to face that I wouldn’t trade places with them even on the worst day of my life.

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