010wanda_0214webI work with a select group of highly-motivated executives, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

They have two things in common: They are all successful in their careers or professions and but are frustrated and challenged in their relationships.

Are any of these statements true for you?

  • I am smart, successful and have achieved or exceeded my professional/business goals but have failed miserably in my relationships.
  • I avoid new relationships because I’m afraid of failing again and bringing on the chaos and heartbreak that ultimately ensues.
  • I am tired of meeting people who don’t understand me. I need to find a place where I feel like I truly fit in. I need a woman in my life who understands and supports my unique qualities.
  • I do not understand women – at first they are fun and flirty but inevitably they ridicule me, nag or chastise me. Nothing I ever do seems to be good enough for them.

My best clients are ones who…

  1. Are confused by women but yearn for a loving, connected relationship. As confusing and as frustrating as women are, you are still drawn to them and crave their companionship, their understanding and their gentleness. You know that you will only feel complete with a good woman at your side to make you want to be a better man.
  2. Are decisive, driven, intelligent and successful but I have failed in personal relationships . You are a unique breed who often feels misunderstood. You grow weary of wearing the persona of who you are perceived to be and would love nothing more than to be free of that burden and just be you.
  3. Are insightful and philosophical but often feel lost with and misunderstood by women.  You know what ought to be but may have a hard time articulating this. People are not able to understand your vision; they may not get that you are a deep and big thinker.  Your view of the world is big and expansive and you easily tire of the mundane and tedious.



  1. Are giving and generous; but it’s never enough. Her unattainable happiness has become your cross to bear. But this generosity goes largely unacknowledged – it’s never enough. Your deepest desire is to have a partner who will accept your unique gifts with an open and accepting heart. To be loved, validated and accepted for who you are; not by who you should be would be blissful for you.
  2. Are tenacious, strong and courageous but relationships leave you feeling lost and uncertain. You can’t keep a good man down for long. Although giving up and just throwing yourself into your work may feel like a good idea, you will stay the course and will be triumphant in love no matter the effort.


Who I’ve helped…


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your coaching sessions and tips on how to better understand myself, women and how we perceive and affect each other in relationships.

Although it has taken me a bit of time to adjust to the new mindset, I have found that your insights have noticeably enhanced the perspective I had of myself and women.

Previously I felt I was a confident person. One would think that at 53, a guy should have most of the relationship nuances worked out. I had my own consulting company and could easily communicate with people, but due to my collapsed marriage, the resulting emotional upheaval over time left me jaded and angry towards all women and my confidence waning. It is said that “time heals all things”, but what is not mentioned in that phrase is that without the right influences in one’s life, a person can heal with dysfunctional views; ultimately making the matters worse. Wanda, I found your approach fresh, clear, insightful, optimistic, and inviting.

Your patient and caring approach encouraged me more to step out and again believe in myself and other women as it pertained to relationships.

 I have been dating a lady for the past 4 months and although it has not been perfect or easy sometimes, overall it has been a very positive and wholesome relationship. Throughout this time it has also been useful to gain your insights and wise perspectives. I would highly recommend anyone traversing the unknowns of relationships to seek your coaching services.

 Thank you for your perspectives, insights and encouragement.”


“This program was an enlightening experience for me.  I’ve learned so much about myself and what my requirements are in a relationship and why. Working through my limiting beliefs in finding true love was a process and I was very grateful for the guidance provided by Wanda.  Wanda has a tremendous gift in coaching, listening and asking the right questions.  I highly recommend this work to anyone who is even thinking about getting out there! I am excited to start this next chapter in my life.”


“The work I have done with Wanda has taught me so much about who I am and what I need in my relationships.  Having a personal coach guide me through the process, asking questions and working through every aspect of the program was the most valuable aspect for me.  For the first time in my life, I am able to articulate with confidence what I need and desire and what my life purpose is”