shutterstock_613904My goal is to help men find their voice so they can ask for what they want and get the honour, validation and respect they deserve.

My unique gift is that I understand and value men. I know you can’t talk about “stuff” to your pals and women filter through their own feminine paradigm.  I get you.  This process will not be easy; it will require you to be truthful, honest and vulnerable. Would you like a place where you feel safe to finally open up?

It requires quite a bit from you in terms of you having to go deep into introspection. This is often a scary place for people to go but well worth the journey.  I will give you a safe place to be heard.

 “To remember who you are, you need to forget who they told you to be”

Step 1 – Peel Away the Layers.

 Do have a great appreciation for who you are? You should feel strong, self assured, proud and confident with the man that you have become .  At this stage of your life, you should really understand  and accept yourself. If this area is a little shaky for you, it is because expectations, “shoulds” and other people’s views have been heaped on you over the years by parents, teachers, women,  bosses, peers, employees, co-workers, and media.  Everyone has an opinion on who you should be; how you should act; what you should do. Everyone, it would seem, but you.

Using some very powerful tools, we will strip all those expectations, self doubting stories, and lies you have come to come to believe as your truth and help you get a true understanding and acceptance of your true essence.  We will discover or re-discover who you really are.

I will provide you with a safe place to open up, be heard and to explore where you want to go and what you need to feel better about yourself.  

Step 2 – Blast Through Your Limiting Beliefs

 Now that we have cleared away the expectations piled onto you by others, it is now time to blast through the lies that you have piled on yourself. Your belief system is difficult to crack because you have come to view these lies as absolutes.

 I’m not successful enough; not smart enough, not rich enough…

 I don’t deserve a beautiful woman or a wonderful life;

 I’m too fat, too ugly, I’m not attractive enough to attract a beautiful woman;

 Women are only after my money;

 All women are nags, bitchy, mean;

 A woman will tie me down and I will feel trapped;

 Women are too much work and can never be satisfied;

 No matter what I do I cannot make a woman happy.

 Let’s figure out the stories you are telling yourself that are holding you back from finding a loving, supportive, respectful relationship.  Then we will break them down so they never get in your way again.

 **** Once steps 1 & 2 are complete you will feel extremely free and unencumbered. You will feel very powerful and ready to take on the world. But there is still hard work to do.

 Step 3 – Create a Blueprint of the Life You Want

 You have been so busy building a successful career or business because you were doing what you felt you had to in order to support the family.  Up to this point, your life has been dutiful. Now it is your turn to really look at your life and see if it is serving you; supporting who you really are; making you happy.  

 We will look at every aspect of your life – business, career, finances, family, recreation, health – and create a vision of what you want.  Once the vision is locked down we need to create a step by step bullet proof plan to get you the life you deserve and want.

 Big changes will take place with Step 3.

 Step 4 – Find the Woman

 Once you have a clear picture of the live you want for yourself, we simply have to find the one who will fit in perfectly with that life.  Yes, we will find the one who will laugh at your lame jokes, appreciate your attempts at cooking, will be proud to be with you, will find you sexy and irresistible, will love, respect and admire you for who you are.

 Step 5 – Work the Plan

 You have a clear idea of who you are; what kind of life you want, what woman would fit into that life and you have successfully blasted through those things that are holding you back from achieving it all.

 Now, comes the tactical part. Roll up your sleeves and make it all happen. This is where you excel – goal setting, action implementation and swinging for the fence.  The plan will naturally fall out from the work we are doing together.

 Together we will craft it and you will implement it.

 Up for the Challenge to Change Your Life?