Who is Wanda?Finish

After working with successful, driven businessmen for almost 20 years as an accountant and business consultant,  I noticed a pattern – their careers and businesses flourished but their personal lives were somewhat of a shambles. I observed that they had business success, financial success but their relationships were not working, were not supporting them. Their solution? Go to work and work harder at what they were good at and put blinders on for the parts of their lives that were causing pain and stress. I hated to see the train wreck that their lives became after the break down of a marriage.  I hated to see these strong, successful men doubt themselves and become angry or bitter when one after the other relationship declined and ended poorly. 

 I was curious – how could these “take no prisoners” type men miss the mark so badly when it came to relationships?

I set out to do research – I talked to these men about their lives. They surprised me by opening up about their confusion and frustrations but they didn’t have the answer.

What became clear is that if they struggled in business they sought help from experts – accountants, lawyers, consultants, and books – they learned to make rapid decisions resulting in dramatic positive changes. But healthy relationships didn’t come with manuals, courses or books and they didn’t know where to find the answers to questions that they could not formulate or articulate. They did not know I existed.

My gift is clarity. There is not a lot of confusion or grey in my outlook or approach to life. I help clients see clearly what has stood in the path of having a healthy, happy, successful relationship and I help them break free of those roadblocks.

My Story:

  1. Background

I am a bit of an enigma – I am empathetic, outgoing, creative, flexible and lively. And I am an accountant! While studying marketing I was forced to take accounting as part of my B.Comm (Bachelor of Commerce degree). I fell in love with the ebb and flow of accounting; with the cause and effect of the decision making process. Accounting is the score card of the surprisingly simple, common sense based game. You do this you make money; you do that you lose money as evidenced by your financial statements. But what fascinated me most was working with, and trying to understand, the people who can make the right decisions most of the time and come out on top. The more that I understood balance sheets the more I understood successful managers, owners and CEO’s. It has always been about the people; the players of the high stake game of business that I found exciting.  Over 20 years as an accountant and business consultant has offered me valuable insight into the minds of successful business men. I grew to value many of the personal relationships that grew out of working with my clients; I became part of their team and a confident.

  1. Pivotal Shift

At the same time as I was building my consulting practice my relationship was crumbling. After 16 years with the same man, I found myself single with a young child. I hadn’t dated since I was 19. I entered my relationship a naive girl and came out a confused woman.  I had no clue who I was or what I needed or wanted in my personal life. I knew what I didn’t want – to be lonely, misunderstood and disconnected; but I didn’t know how to find what I wanted. So I dove head first into the study of relationships, self-help and men. I read, took courses, worked on myself and put myself out there. And I talked to men, lots and lots of men.  I was curious about what made men tick, what frustrated them, what they wanted in a relationship. What I discovered was that men were just as confused when it came to affairs of the heart as women are! My heart and my approach softened and I was curious as to how successful, driven, confident men could be left dazed and confused when it came to affairs of the heart. The more I talked to them about their relationships the more I liked their straightforward, heartfelt approach to life.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out how easy men are to talk to; how easily I relate to them. These are not the insensitive, oblivious, one track minded beings I was led to believe; and they are just as frustrated as women when it comes to the opposite sex (just less vocal about the whole thing).

  1. Two Paths Converge

What if I were to merge my two passions? The orderly, methodical, step by step approach to business success and my growing fascination with the personal lives of driven, successful, often times, misunderstood mavericks. What if I could make a difference? What if I could help?

Yes! I could make a difference, work exclusively with clients that I respect and admire and have fun!  I could help these guys get clear on what they wanted in life and in relationships, I could help them find relationships that supported them rather than beat them down because I understood them and liked them! Being a woman, I also I understand women – I knew I could be the bridge to help men discover and communicate what they want in a relationship. I could help them find their voice and eliminate the drama that historically has been a part of their personal lives for far too long.

I had found my purpose:  To help men find their voice so they can ask for what they want and get the honour, validation and respect they deserve.  Men should be appreciated for who they are and what they bring. I could help them get that appreciation.

My inspiration IMC - 2008 cropped

My inspiration IMC - 2008 cropped